Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update From the Beggining of Feburary and the Begginning of March.

Alot has been going on arround here. Isabelle had a really fun time at her friend, Lucy's Birthday party near the end of Feburary. It had  a really fun theme. It was an Eric Carle Birthday party.

We also had a very big windstorm come. It tangled up alot of trees around here and we lost power late Thursday Night, 2/25 and it didn't come back on untill Saturday night 2/27. Our lives where basically on hold that weekend. I guess it goes to show how much us Americans depend on Electricity for alot of asspects of our lives.  Telelvision, Computers for our non estential needs. Our stove is gas so we could still use the burners with matches (They have an electric starter.) Our heat is gas though it still needs electricity to run. We all have alot of food in the refrigerator and our freezers. (Luckily, we didn't loose any food due to no electricity except for some sour cream that I had in the refrigerater left over from a recipe though I didn't really have a use for the exra). We put ice in our regfrigerator so I guess that it was  kind've like an old fashioned ice box for the weekend. We put most of our diary products in our cooler with ice. Stuff like my daughter's soy milk, her soy yogurt, my yogurt, and most of our cheese. Unfortionately that Thursday night, my laptop decided to totally die. So I am trying to save up for a Netbook because a good laptop is definetely not in probal in my some-what soon finciacial future . I have $200 dollars to start and I guess it is either going to cost me like $700 or $900 something. So I am trying to focus on working on my business, The Crafty Bookworm . I am working on setting up a different blog for my business. It looks like I might have to replace my camera sometime soon.. It has been working too well lately. I have an Olympus 500-UZ right now and I would probally get the Olympus SP-800 which would be another $350 plus the cost of an extra battery for that camera .  It seems like alot of things of mine are either getting broken or worn out right now. That is one of the problems of this world I guess.  
Isabelle's Birthday party has come and gone.

Can you believe that 2 years has actually gone by since she was born? She is doing and learning new things all the time!!!  She had a Sesame Street  birthday party and she had alot of fun. 

She also has a lot of fun at Open Gymn at the YMCA,