Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its Been A While........

I haven't written in my blog since October. How did the time go by? I have wanted to try to write but I haven't. I am still learning how to journal. My daughter is going to be two next month!!!!! How in the world can she be 2 already? She and I have been in a really big Sesame Street kick lately. She is going to have a Sesame Street Birthday party. I am currently working on her cake. I am making the characters with candy melts. Its an idea that I got from my Nana. She used candy melts when she was having difficulties with fragile snowflake for my cousin Emily's wedding cake back in January. I am still trying to get my business off the ground ( The Crafty Bookworm. ) I love making all kinds of crafts and I am trying to use up all of the materials that I have up in the attic to start off my business. I look forward to experimenting with different crafts and learning new things as I restart my adventure. I am trying to see how many fans I can get on my fan page on Facebook. I would like to know what people think of my work and come back to my blog and see some new items coming soon!!!!! I am excited to get back on my adventure!!!!

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