Monday, July 12, 2010

A Goal of Mine

I have decided that one of the things that I really need to do is to organize my part of the cellar.  For the time being, while I am living with my parents, my kitchen items and my pantry items are in the cellar. It has come to be really messy. I would like to clean it and organize it but I need some containers to do it.  I think that Tupperware products are really durable  and reusable and worth the price but right now I can't afford to get any. So as part of my goal to organize my part of the cellar, my other goal is to have a succesful online Tupperware Party. So come and join the fun!!!!  Happy Christmas in July!!!!   Myabe it will help get your mind off of the really hot weather!!!!!!!!!!!

HEATHER's July 12 Online Party

You are cordially invited to my Tupperware Online Party! I am hosting this Online Party to tell you about all of the great products Tupperware has to offer to simplify your kitchen, home, and life! Please click any of the shopping links to begin browsing through products and special offers available through my Online Party.


Be sure to click on any shopping link to ensure that you're participating in my Tupperware Online Party. My Tupperware Online Party will last until Jul. 26, 2010 (EST). If you have any questions, please let me know. Or you may visit my Tupperware Consultant's Web site, Jodie Malatzky.

Thanks for participating in my Tupperware Online Party,


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