Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday were busy days!!!!! My dad and I walked Isabelle to the library to go to Baby Bookworms. Isabelle just loves Baby Bookworms. She loves all the kids that go and Mrs. Sheppard who does the program. In the afternoon, after Isabelle went down for her nap, my dad and I went on some errands. I picked out a new pair of glasses. I was glad that Parrelli Optical had more pairs of glasses covered by MassHealth then at Dr. Gurley's office. I found a pair of glasses that were simmaller in shape and color as my current pair of glasses. We then went to Trader Joes. I am trying to learn how to be as frugal as I can possibley be. I am learning a few tricks from some of the blogs I am reading. I found that it is better to buy gummy omega 3 vitamins at Trader Joes rather then the ones I have found at Target. They are a 120 count bottle for 8.99 rather then a 60 count bottle for 6.49. I am doing all that I can possibley do to be frugal. I also got a few things at Walmart but I was dissapointed to find that the only knee-highs there were black when I really wanted tan ones. Later in the day, Isabelle and I played. Saturday, I went to the ymca with Isabelle for her swim class. And then my mom and I both got our hair cuts done. I soo needed a haircut. It will be soo much easier to get my hair done now.

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  1. cute pictures! looks like Isabelle keeps you pretty busy!