Monday, April 13, 2009

My Day

Today I went to the eye doctor. My rhuematologist wants me to go on plaquenil for my lupus which needs an o.k. from an eye doctor. I also need to do something about my glasses. My lenses are not really in all the great condition right now. They can't be cleaned entirely. So I spent part of the afternoon being dizzy, having a bit of a headache, and my eyes not seeing quite right for some tasks. Unfortunately MassHealth doesn't cover putting new lenses into my old glasses. So I have to get some new ones. They have a very small selection of frames that MassHealth would cover. They two that fit my face the best look like reading glasses. So I decided that I would shop around before I enter a two year commitment of a pair of glasses.

I had some time before my exercise class tonight so I decided to turn some of my frustrations into 18 minutes on a treadmill which was the equivalent of 1.03 miles. I had a good time at my exercise class tonight. It is stress reliving as well as relaxing. I also get some good prayer time in during the relaxation time.

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