Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip to the Cape

Yesterday, my mom, Isabelle and I went to Cape Cod to visit my Grammy and Grampy. We hadn't seen them since Christmas time. Isabelle decided to get up at 7:00 AM, just like on Sunday. We also had a very long, but good sermon so she was more then ready for a nap by the time she got in her car seat to go home, have her bottle and take a nap. She got in a good nap in the afternoon though. Yesterday, she barely had any naps. She wouldn't have a "swing" time so she instead tried to help me get us ready to go to the cape. That means, she gets everything out. Upstairs she got out one of my shirts from one of my drawers and got out several of her books from the shelves. Downstairs, I was trying to pack a bag with some of her toys in it. That meant that she was taking out toys faster then I could put them in and she was following our cat, Madeline around the house. I thought that she was going to spend a lot of the almost two hour car trip taking a nap. Well, she decided that she was going to wake up about half way through the trip while we were in Boston. I don't know how she can keep on going like that sometimes. I wish I could have some of that energy. I think that sometimes she thinks that she is the energiser bunny. She had a lot of fun playing at my Grammy and Grampy's house. For one thing, we forgot to bring baby gates with us. So, she had a lot of fun "running" all around. She would go from the living room to the kitchen , go around the kitchen island, around the dinning table, over to the stairs and back to the living room where we were trying to visit. She would do it over, and over, and over again!!!!!! She also had the experience of going to a restaurant for the first time and sitting in at a restaurant table in a high chair. She had her first visit to Seafood Sams. We were in a good spot; a corner. She really liked looking all around and seeing what other people were doing . And she liked watching the fans on the ceiling while she was eating her Gerber dinner, her bottle of formula, a mini saltine cracker, and a Gerber Graduates "wagon wheel". Then we went back and played for a while and then we went home. She did sleep half the way home in the car and then the two of us were playing and singing songs and I even found some children's music on my computer to play. Now, we have Friday's trip to NY to pack for. That is going to even harder on her. At least, I won't be all by myself. I was really glad that she didn't get up at 7:00 am again. I really didn't feel like getting up a 7:00 this morning and I even got in my shower and my breakfast before I made her breakfast and got her up.

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