Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip to NY

This weekend, my parents and I took Isabelle to NY. Alicia had her wedding yesterday. It was a beautiful wedding. I really liked the dresses that Beth made for the flower girl (Katiann) , junior brides maid, (Caylin) the bridesmaid, and the maid of honor (Laura). Katiann had a pretty yellow dress and yellow ribbon in her hair. All the bridesmaid and the junior bridesmaid had very pretty light green dress made out some eyelet material. They were all different but similar. Beth did a very good job on the dresses. Beth also made little Emily and Isabelle matching dresses to the wedding. We traveled out on Friday. It didnt take real long to get out there especially because we had started out in the morning where Isabelle had a little nap in the morning in the car and then she took her afternoon nap while we were in the car for the rest of the trip. I am very thankful that I had my parents with me to help me with the stops were we had to feed her, get her changed the adults fed, and everyone in the bathroom if they needed to while we were stopped. Everyone just pitched in and did what they could to get everything done. It was a crazy weekend!!! Of course, it is crazy when your family is having a wedding. Isabelle had a blast though she practically fell asleep at the reception but that’s o.k.!!! It was during her nap time. She had fun walking around the big room, people would have a big smile on their face as she walked by, and her cousins had a fun time following her all round!!! I hope the best for Alicia and Reagan and I hope that they live “happily ever after” or the best humanly possible. I think that Alicia will like the present that I picked out for her. It is a bunch of little things that will help start off her kitchen. It was also fun to have Isabelle play with her cousins that she doesn’t get to see quite all the time (they live 2 hours from us). But I was fortunate to have my parents stay with Isabelle in the B&B in Moravia, NY. They had a perfect room. They had a room with a room off the side of it where they could put our crib that we have Isabelle sleep in. The apartment that my husband still has, that I wish he would get rid of, is not suitable for Isabelle. She wouldn’t have a room to sleep in or a safe, clean, baby space to play in for one thing so that’s why she stayed with my parents at the B&B. The owners of the B&B are really nice and are almost like family. I did however managed last night to have my husband and pack some boxes of kitchen stuff that he would never use that I could either store in my parent’s attic or use!!!!!! I am trying all the time to get him to weed out stuff that he wouldn’t use so that it would be easier to keep some things more (organized; if he would work on that!!!), and it would be easier for him to actually move to MA when the time comes (soon, I hope!!!). Isabelle and I went to church with my husband and his family this morning. It is hard to go to that church especially because there is no one in the nursery to watch Isabelle so, I had to have her stay with us during Sunday School and in the service with us. She has been such a good trooper!!! It took us a long time to get home today because of the fact that we went to church. We had to leave later where she had a 1 ½ hour nap and then we stopped for lunch. She didn’t have the rest of her afternoon nap so she ended up napping a little bit on the last leg of our trip. We also had to stop in Westfield, MA because my bicycle that we were trying to pick up while we were there had ended up in Heather and Tim’s garage (long story!!!!). Its a good thing that we have Baby Einstein Cds, Baby Einstein DVDs, her books, and toys that keep her busy!!! She is such a good baby to take care of. The weekend was a fun but stressful, and interesting very quick trip. And it went a lot better than it could have. We are now finally home and it it is a little bit before 9:00 PM . We now have to get everything out of the car into the house, get Isabelle into pjs, give her a bottle, put her crib back together, and put her to bed!!!! It is really past her bedtime. She usually goes to bed around 8:30 or 8:45 pm.
I will post some pictures later.

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  1. Heather I am SO happy to hear that your trip to NY went so well this weekend! What a relief it must be that things worked out so well and that you made it there and home. I have been thinking about you and I'm sorry that we didn't get to talk much this past week as you were getting ready. I hope you can get some rest and recover from the trip and I can't wait to see pictures!