Friday, April 10, 2009


I was shopping for a wedding card today in the Hallmark store. I found one that said

"A marriage made in heaven
is a very precious thing....
It's all the joys and blessings
that a life of love can brind.
It's living for each other
and always being there
To offer sweet encouragement,
to understand and care.
A marriage made in heaven
is a blessing from above;
It's what you'll find together
through a lifetime filled with love."

I wish my marriage was like that . I wish that my husband would be here for Isabelle and me. That he would understand what I am going through and encourage me to keep fighting to be there for him and Isabelle. And care about my thoughts and feelings. I miss him right now. I like it when I fall asleep in his arms. I am making alot of tough decisions right now and it costs me to make them but I know that that they are the right decisions. My husband needs prayer and so do I so that I can keep making those tough decisions. I want my husband to want to take care of me and do it.

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